Summick2014 Pictures Filmography Edit

Films Edit

Theatrical Edit

  • Brian And The Clockstoppers (July 29, 1988) (Co-Production With Columbia Pictures)
  • Logan Swan: A Bigger And Longer Adventure! (March 10, 2000) (Co-Production With Miramax Films, 20th Century Fox And Logan Swan Studios)
  • The City Cartoons Movie (March 16, 2001) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures)
  • Life Of Paul (October 18, 2002) (Co-Production With Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • Fiox's Island (September 26, 2003) (Co-Production With Touchstone Pictures)
  • Lil' Peepz: The Movie (December 25, 2004) (Co-Production With Paramount Pictures)
  • Fiox's Island 2 (July 23, 2007) (Co-Production With Touchstone Pictures)
  • Eckhart (August 20, 2008) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures)
  • Geoshea Thief (May 4, 2009) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures)
  • Sherman's Dungeon (September 16, 2009) (Co-Production With Dimension Films And Troublemaker Studios)
  • GeosheaPolis: The Movie (June 10, 2011) (Co-Production With Columbia Pictures And Geoshea Film Company, Ltd.)
  • The Scrat And Annabelle Movie (May 25, 2012) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures And Farr From Home)
  • The City Cartoons Movie 2 (January 18, 2013) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures And Farr From Home)
  • Super Gun Blast Off! (March 28, 2014) (Co-Production With Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation And The Kerner Entertainment Company)
  • Ico (March 6, 2015) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures, Virgin Produced And Farr From Home)
  • Surviving Sid: The Sequel (July 24, 2015) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures And Farr From Home)
  • Free Jobz (November 13, 2015) (Co-Production With Relativity Media And Legendary Pictures)
  • The City Cartoons Movie 3 (January 15, 2016) (Co-Production With Universal Pictures And Farr From Home)

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