• POWERStarz2004


    May 20, 2017 by POWERStarz2004

    No. in


    Game Publisher Original air date Original sin tally Final sin tally Reason Notes Sentence
    1 "Mass Effect 3" Electronic Arts August 5, 2013 197 197
    Sentence is titled "Conviction" Throw it out The Airlock
    2 "Resident Evil 6" Capcom September 28, 2013 359 359
    A Facility in China
    3 "The Last of Us" Sony Computer Entertainment November 15, 2013 59 59
    4 "Beyond: Two Souls" Sony Computer Entertainment January 13, 2014 575 575
    The Infraworld
    5 "The Walking Dead: Season One" Telltale Games February 27, 2014 156 2,496
    First video to feature custom music and audio for the intro
    Includes bonus round: Lee is a Dick On a Boat with Kenny
    6 "DmC: Devil May Cry" Capcom April 15, 2014 1,000,009,441 1,000,009,441

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