EWW video Dark Knight Rises aired Christmas 2012.


  • 1.DC comics
  • 2.What?
  • 3.Totally just dangling on a still rope.
  • 4.Absolutely zero security at Wayne Manor.
  • 5.Nipple bed
  • 6.Hiest(sp)
  • 7.Alfred tells you how the movie will end in 17 minutes in.
  • 8.Blake knows exactly where to go to find Gordon.
  • 9.Blake knows Wayne is Batman because of a f*cking look on his face.
  • 10.Doesn't use Batman voice in hospital even though he's wearing a mask.
  • 11.Who the f*ck is this b*tch
  • 12.Cops should be able to trace a cell phone without a call being made.
  • 13.Batman gets pick pocketed
  • 14.Magical robo-knee brace
  • 15.Alfred suddenly knows everything about Bane.
  • 16.Where the hell did the motorcycles come from?
  • 17.Daytime when they go in the tunnel, night time when they come out.
  • 18.Oooh, is that Galaxy note™?
  • 19.Well it's Batman's Galaxy Note™now.
  • 20.Ridiculous"Clean Slate" concept
  • 21.This guy falls down for no reason.
  • 22.Uses Batman voice to talk to himself.
  • 23.Alfred whines like a little b*tch and breaks up with Batman
  • 24.Illegal stock market trades made during an armed takeover are allowed to stand.
  • 25.Oh snap! Better trust this b*itch we know nothing about
  • 26.Bane tickles a man to death of-screen
  • 27.Wait, is she actually surprised that Wayne is Batman?
  • 28.Bane his air but Batman goes down
  • 29.This is not Batman; this is a p*ssy in costume.
  • 30. Bane knows exactly where the R&D level though it's "off the books"
  • 31.So, Bane just flew halfway around the world to the prison hole just to taunt Wayne , only to fly back to Gotham
  • 32.What?!
  • 33.Woman in men's prison justified by a cartwheel
  • 34."Every available cop"sent down to the sewers at once.
  • 35.Doctor turns on the nuclear reactor in 2 minutes flat.
  • 36. Police officer just realising that guns kill
  • 37. Gotham football team draws fewer fans than Jacksonville
  • 38. Hine wards shows acting range by returning kickoffs
  • 39. Blake says Screw it, Guns are good again
  • 40. Why didn't blow up the bridge like the others?
  • 41. US government does basically nothing to Gotham
  • 46. Liam Neeson isn't killing anyone in this scene
  • 47. Bruce gets crucial plot details from his own hallucination
  • 51. That fall alone would kill him
  • 70. Oh yeah, Alfred's in this movie.
  • 71. Isn't this the same ending as the Postman?
  • 72. Oh give me a f*cking break!

Sin Tally: 73

Sentence: Hell

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