Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman In 2 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman In 2 Minutes Or Less

The Everything Wrong With video for the 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-Man.  


  1. This movie exists
  2. Child actor looks nothing like his older counterpart
  3. Unsettling scalp-sniffing fetish
  4. Promotes stalking
  5. Scene does not include lap dance
  6. High school student has Rear Window poster
  7. Uncle Ben picks up perfectly-solved Rubik's Cube and then puts it back messed up!
  8. Peter Parker uses Bing?!
  9. Dr. Curt Cockings. 
  10. How and why is he surfing the search results inside of IFrame on the bing page?
  11. Oscorp uses Disney ride narration for exposition purposes.
  12. Peter's love interest conveniently also works for the bad guy.
  13. Nonexistent full-color floor-to-ceiling hologram technology.
  14. Peter bumps into the one shady dude with papers related to his father's work.
  15. Peter perfectly mimics a complicated security touch- screen gesture after watching from 50 feet away.
  16. Floor-to-ceiling holograms, but no security cameras.
  17. Peter willingly walks into a room with hundreds of spiders.
  18. Skateboard reappears after not having existed in the entire previous sequence.
  19. Peter uses bing again!
  20. Nonexistent floor-to-ceiling hologram-that-you-can-touch technology.
  21. More Uncle Ben lectures about responsibility.
  22. Long-abandoned underground wrestling ring perfectly positioned to give Peter costume inspiration
  23. Wait... is it Christmas?
  24. Random microchip in a cell phone equals police scanner
  25. Why are all these random citizens gathering around outside the police station?
  26. Peter uses Bing for a third freaking time
  27. Magic car-door key-code decoder gizmo
  28. Peter somehow knows exactly which car this dude is going to steal
  29. Supporting role given to C. Thomas Howell, but not Bruce Campbell
  30. Spiderman takes off his freaking mask
  31. Police captains don't issue arrest warrants, judges do
  32. Stupid rat lizard puppet
  33. Ridiculous pied piper lizard effect
  34. "Property of Peter Parker" plot device
  35. What the f*** is up with these wounds?
  36. Peter takes off the mask again
  37. Cell phone reception in the sewers
  38. Evil villain lair, conveniently left unattended
  39. Custom-built presentation software created solely to provide crucial plot details 
  40. Exposition by police radio 
  41. Use of the phrase "Mother Hubbard"
  42. Peter's mask comes off again!
  43. Exposition by helicopter pilot
  44. "Turning the cranes"  should be the new "Jumping the shark."
  45. Bro bonding eye contact moment
  46. Spiderman is not a parade; you do not need to stop traffic for Spiderman
  47. Canisters of liquid nitrogen should not be stored on rooftops
  48. Worst. Secret. Identity. Ever.
  49. Crazy whipping liquid nitrogen tube conveniently land right in Spiderman's hand
  50. Villain change of heart cliché
  51. Fatally wounded, but still time for moral lesson
  52. The funeral invitation read: black tie, black umbrellas only
  53. These ladders do not begin to provide enough support or height for a painting of this scale

Movie Sin Tally:  53

Sentence: HELL


  • First EWW video ever.
  • First EWW made by CinemeaSins.
  • First video uploaded on the CinemeaSins channel.